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Making an Impact

We are excited by the positive social and environmental change and impact that social enterprises and blended value businesses are making in the world.  Some of the enterprises and businesses Resilient Capital™ intends to invest in are involved in local, natural, and organic food production or are devising ways to improve energy efficiency, generate alternative and renewable energy, or enable a low carbon economy.

Improving accessibility

Operating an organization or enterprise that provides products, services, employment opportunities or training to people from marginalized or excluded groups can have a significant positive impact on society. Resilient Capital supports qualified enterprises and businesses that provide products, services and technologies for people with disabilities and improves accessibility.

Eliminating economic barriers

Resilient Capital recognizes the importance of Aboriginal cultures and their contributions to our society, and supports economic development opportunities for qualified social enterprises that address the ongoing marginalization and economic barriers faced by many Aboriginal Communities.

Supporting community development

It is vital that housing is affordable and supports community needs. We support social enterprises so they become more resilient with good management and ownership of real estate assets. We believe the arts, cultural, and creative industries are to be nurtured.  Resilient Capital supports these initiatives.

These are just some of the high-level social, economic and environmental initiatives that Resilient Capital can nurture. But it is by no means a complete list.