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Is This for You?

Resilient Capital™ is all about financing positive change.  If you,  your organization or your enterprise has a positive impact on society or the environment through your operations, products or services, employees, owners or in any other way, we would like to speak with you to find out more.

The program

Resilient Capital targets enterprises and businesses based in British Columbia and is designed to provide debt finance or equity capital in creative, flexible and patient ways to help your organization, enterprise and community be more resilient.

The process

We review your business model, your history and the path that brought you here.  We speak with you about the future plans of your organization or enterprise and any changes or growth opportunities you want to navigate and discuss the alignment of your business and the goals of Resilient Capital and your eligibility for financing.

The financing

Financing available ranges from $100,000 to $1.5 million and can be in the form of loans, equity, or a mix for qualified applicants.

Contact us and tell us your story

Tell us how your organization is creating a positive social or environmental impact in your community.  Resilient Capital could help you do so much more.

If you are interested in doing more of the good things you are already doing and are curious about how an investment from Vancity under Resilient Capital could help, please speak with us – we would like to hear from you.