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Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver receives financing to pursue long-term vision in New Westminster

In April 2013, Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (EFry) received financing from Resilient Capital. EFry is a community-based organization with over 65 years of experience in reaching out to women in conflict with the law, providing housing, support, and counseling for marginalized women, youth, and children to help them improve their lives. EFry’s goal is to provide women and youth at risk with the tangible resources they need to rebuild a life for themselves and their children. The organization is also an advocate for legislative and administrative reform by ensuring the public is informed about, and may participate in, aspects of the justice system which affect women. This financing allowed EFry to purchase a lot of land and residence adjacent to their head office in New Westminster, with the purpose of facilitating long term plans for a new building that will house administrative offices, multipurpose space, a daycare, and affordable housing for women and children.