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Salish Soils receives financing to create a “new way” for a First Nation community

Salish Soils is a state-of-the-art composting facility on the Sechelt Indian Band Lands on the Sunshine Coast. In December 2012, Salish Soils received Resilient Capital™ financing for the facility’s expansion. By diverting organic waste products that might otherwise end up in a local landfill and converting them into a nutrient-rich mulch, Salish Soils reduces carbon dioxide emissions, creates green jobs and premium soils for local gardens, organic farms, greenhouses, landscapers and the local regional district. The composting site also aims to contribute to improving food security on the Sunshine Coast, a region that produces less than three per cent of the food it consumes. In the words of Salish Soils president and CEO Aaron Joe, the facility offers a “whole new way” forward for the Sunshine Coast—a sound business in keeping with First Nations principles of sustainability.