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Interested in finance for your Social Enterprise?
Are you part of an impact-driven organization, business or enterprise? Are you interested in becoming part of the Resilient Capital™ portfolio? Please forward a summary of your enterprise for review by our investment team by describing your vision, mission and business model. Don’t forget to include your financial information.


Are you an advisor to Social Enterprises?
If you are actively involved in the social capital market or with social enterprises and social purpose businesses and would like to help build capacity within the sector, please contact us. There are great opportunities for experienced individuals to mentor and advise growing social enterprises and create greater positive social and environmental impact.


General Inquiries
Want to learn more about the Resilient Capital, initiate a similar program in your community or help us facilitate the flow of capital to high impact social enterprises in B.C.?  We’d love  to share our insights and experiences and answer any questions you have.


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